Frequently asked questions

Does UC approve career technical education (CTE) courses to meet the “a-g” subject requirements?

UC has approved thousands of CTE courses to satisfy the “a-g” subject requirements. In fact, CTE courses have been approved in all seven “a-g” subject areas. CTE courses are evaluated with the same criteria used for all other courses and UC approval is based on the course meeting the “a-g” course evaluation guidelines, the course's designated subject area course criteria and the CTE course criteria established by UC faculty.

How can I access sample UC-approved CTE courses?

Sample course content descriptions are now available on the "a-g" Course List website. UC analysts designate high quality course submissions as sample courses. These courses appear on the respective schools’ course list as a hyperlinked course title. Clicking on the link reveals the approved course content description. The search feature on the website will locate designated sample course descriptions in a number of CTE industry sectors and all of the “a-g” subject areas.

Sample courses should not be duplicated word-for-word and submitted to UC, but customized to accurately reflect the resources and programs available at your individual school site.

I am interested in creating an integrated CTE course for “a-g” approval. Does UC sponsor workshops or trainings specifically designed for integrated CTE course development?

The UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI) Institutes are professional development opportunities that bring together academic and career technical high school teachers, administrators and other experts from across California to gain expertise in CTE course development for “a-g” approval and design innovative model courses that integrate CTE and “a-g” curriculum.