LOTE honors-level courses

Course guidance

Honors-level courses in languages other than English (LOTE) must have a prerequisite of at least two years of college-preparatory instruction in that language. Modern language courses should focus on the use of the language for active communication and provide advanced training in oral/aural proficiency and literacy skills. Courses should include instruction in grammar, culture, reading comprehension, composition and conversation, and should be conducted exclusively in the target language. Coursework should be developed around authentic texts from diverse genres, including literary works of art, recordings, films, newspapers and magazines. There must be a comprehensive final examination that evaluates levels of performance in the use of both written and spoken forms of the language. Classical language courses should include as many of these elements as appropriate. If the third year of any language other than English is certified at the UC honors level, there must be a regular third-year college-preparatory course offered as well. An honors course at the fourth- or fifth-year level must have as a prerequisite three or four years, respectively, of college-preparatory instruction in that language and does not necessarily require a corresponding regular college-preparatory section.

UC-approved honors language other than English courses must also meet the general “a-g” honors-level course criteria.

Sample courses

Samples of honors-level courses approved in the “e” subject area are available for reference as you prepare your own course for UC approval.