Faculty Leadership Seminars

Fostering inclusive excellence

Providing interactive seminars, tools, and resources to broaden faculty leaders’ capacity to support faculty diversity and enhance department and campus climate toward inclusive excellence, this effort is funded by President Janet Napolitano's Presidential Initiatives under the President’s Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program.

Seminar goals:

  1. Help participants gain a better understanding of implicit bias and microaggressions and their impact on departmental/school climate;
  2. Increase participants' effectiveness at recognizing and interrupting/addressing microaggressions when they occur;
  3. Discuss tools and strategies for developing an inclusive departmental/school climate.

Follow-up goal:

Provide online access to tools, resources, and promising practices for developing inclusive departmental/school climates.

Campus seminar materials


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Interactive theater


Additional resources

Implicit bias


Improving departmental climate

Recruitment, searches, and evaluation processes:

Gender equity/family friendly:

Interactive theater

This actually works: Promising practices from UC campuses that build and sustain a culture of inclusion

It is useful to think of inclusive academic work environments along a continuum and that any department can improve on their efforts. These links will take you to “promising practices”--processes, strategies, and programs already in place on UC campuses—which may work for any UC department or school seeking to make improvement. There is no need to "reinvent the wheel."

The UCADVANCE PAID roundtable seminars in 2012-14 included a variety of best practices in building a diverse faculty and nurturing an inclusive climate. The best practices include programs focused on mentoring, review, hiring, contributions to diversity, workplace climate, data collection, and under-represented minority faculty recruitment and retention.