Operating Budget and Facilities Management

We develop the university’s annual operating budget requests and provide support for systemwide facilities management.

Operating Budget and Facilities Management develops the university’s annual operating budget requests to the regents and the state of California. Our role includes analysis and synthesis of the university's budget needs and policies as well as advocacy in support of the university’s budget, strategy development and preparation for legislative budget hearings. We also support the management of university operating resources and provide leadership and campus support for facilities maintenance, utility matters, energy utilization and strategic planning for long-term resource needs.

Debora Obley

Debora Obley

Associate Vice President


Energy & Facilities Management Services

Supports efficient operation, maintenance and renewal of UC's real estate assets.

Top Destinations
Energy efficiency initiative
Purchased utility database
Emissions management (cap-and-trade)

Operating Budget

Develops, negotiates and manages the university's operating budget.

Top Destinations
FTE student enrollments
Student tuition, fees & deposits
Presentations to the regents
Corporate Systems Gateway

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